• Lauralee Shapiro

Silver Tape Or A Silver Bell – Which Is Better?

As a woman, my quick fix for everything is what I refer to as man’s greatest invention – Duct Tape.  No matter what the item is, no matter how broken it is, I guarantee you, I can  fix it with a little (or sometimes a lot) of that magical silver sticky stuff.

This is not always the case  in a work place setting.  Most organizations have some aspect that needs improvement, or “fixing”.  Many companies follow my ideology for fixing things – get out the duct tape!  But as great as duct tape is, it is really just a temporary fix for a permanent problem.  Using this approach to fix work related problems is not the best solution. 

In these situations, it is better to trade in your roll of duct tape for shiny bell and think like Pavlov.  To find a permanent fix to a permanent problem, you need to retrain the behavior.  This is not always an easy task as we humans are sometimes resistant to change, but change we must.

The same holds true when designing the content tracks or themes for your next conference.  Are the attendees going to be given a roll of duct tape and taught quick fixes for long-term challenges, or will you give them a shiny bell to learn new behaviors?  The choice is yours….choose wisely.

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