• Lauralee Shapiro

One For Two or Three For Five

Have you ever been to a local or state fair?  When you were there, did you play any of the games to try to win a big stuffed animal?  How many tries did you pay for at full price?  I’d be willing to bet, you paid the concessionaire the price on the sign most of the time. Once they realized that you liked the game and were enjoying the experience, did they offer to make you a deal so you would keep playing? Instead of buying one game for $2.00, get three for $5.00. Volume = buying power.

If by chance, you have never been to the fair grounds or tempted by those games, let’s consider shopping clubs like Sam’s and Costco.  The logic behind these retail phenomenons is that you get a better deal when you buy in bulk. Volume = buying power.

The same holds true for hotels.  Have you ever booked a hotel room on-line? If you needed to book more than ten rooms, you were directed to contact group sales. This is because, you can get a better deal if you book ten or twenty or two hundred rooms as opposed to just one or two.  What do you think would happen if you booked two or three meetings at once, as opposed to just one?  Volume = buying power yet again!

The next time you are looking to contract your quarterly regional meeting, ask about signing three or four contracts at once with the same property or even the same hotel chain if you don’t want to repeat the same location, and see what that does to the offer on the table.  Is your sales meeting or incentive trip an annual event? Lock in for multiple years and get a lower rate, better concessions and more flexibility with the contract terms.  If you are an association, see if the hotel will host your board meeting in exchange for signing two or more years for your annual convention.  The multi-years do not have to be consecutive years either. You can do bi-annual if you want.  Just don’t be afraid to ask the question. Most hotel sales people will not put the offer forth; you need to ask for it.

So the next time you receive a hotel proposal, remember this: One for two or three for five!

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