• Lauralee Shapiro

Not My Shade Of Pink

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a set of eyes, from your staff, pre-walk a room before an event.  I attended a conference this week at a downtown Orlando hotel. At my table of 8, we had 2 coffee mugs on the table, with left over lipstick.  I understand that with new formulas for “long lasting” lipstick, it is hard for even the best industrial dishwashers to get the stuff off.  That being said though, the stewards and wait staff have so many things to do to prepare for your banquet that on occasion, these kind of things get overlooked.  This is where your staff comes in.  Doing a quick walk through, glancing at the table set up should be a given.  Make sure every table has the correct number of chairs.  Make sure that salt and pepper, sugar and creamers are on the table.  I’m not saying you need to examine every knife for water spots but something like these lipstick tainted mugs would most certainly have caught your eye.

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