• Lauralee Shapiro

It’s a Thought Process

Dave shared insights into the human psyche and by adding in his own personal stories and sense of humor the morning was filled with great information and lots of laughter.  He started out by asking the group who believed they have free will.  Of course, everyone believes that they do but in reality, none of have it at all.  The unconscious mind is always one step ahead, trying to prepare the conscious mind for what to anticipate, thereby controlling you.  For example, you always look before stepping out into the road, so that you don’t get hit by a bus.  Your unconscious mind warned the conscious mind of the possible danger and made you do something – look both ways before crossing the road. 

It is interesting that the conscious mind can go forward and backward but it is never in “the moment”. However, the unconscious mind is always in the moment. 

While we may not have the free will we think we have or would like to have, we do control how we think and how we view the world.  We do control our schema, for better or worse. You chose whether you want to live in an optimistic world or a pessimistic world.  As you change your schema you will change your life.  One can become an optimist if they so choose, just as easily as one can become a pessimist.  It is a proven scientific fact that optimists live healthier, happier lives and live on average 15 years longer than pessimists.

Living a stress free life is also very important to good health and a healthy outlook on life.  The number one cause of stress is not other people and their actions but rather the voices inside our head.  What Dave called “the 3 AM demon committee meeting in your head as you lay in bed.” Let it go! 

Learning to like you is also a key fact to having a healthy outlook.  “You had better like you, because you will always be there for you!”  Why is it that people always define themselves by the things they like least about themselves?  What do you really like about yourself? Focus on that.  Control your thoughts, shift your schema, and your whole outlook will shift with it.

Dave Mitchell will return again for the June 21, 2012 GOAMPI meeting.  Be sure to register early as you will not want to miss it.

This post was writing by Lauralee Shapiro, CMP for the Greater Orlando Meeting Professionals International Marketing Committee, May 2012

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