• Lauralee Shapiro

I’m Not A Hotel Snob, Am I?

I have been in the hotel industry for many years and as such have had the pleasure of staying in and working for some VERY nice properties.  Has this made me a hotel snob? I don’t think so.  What it has done is made me appreciate excellent service and amenities and at the same time, I have come to have some expectations that some hotels just can’t seem to fulfill.

I recently stayed at a lower end chain brand in a major convention city.  For the rate I paid, it was okay and normally I would not complain because I understand the concept of you get what you pay for, but this property was just one disappointment after another.  Here is my list of “issues” and “concerns” I experienced.

1. The shade on the bedside lamp was not properly fitted to the base.  It had a makeshift fix to hold it in place except every time you moved it more than one inch, the shade would fall off and if you were in the way, you’d get hit in the head with it. After this happened twice, I just took it off and put it on the floor off to the side.

2. I was sharing the room with another woman.  She was also registered in the room so they knew there were two women in the room.  The first day, they took out four towels but only replace them with two.  I had to call twice to get more towels.  When I called the second time, the front desk agent apologized for not sending them up the first time but she “forgot what room it was that called for the towels so she was glad I called back”.  I should also note that this is a very large chain brand and they did NOT have a conservation program where you hang the towels up if you want to keep them.  I should also note that even if they did have such a program in place, there was no towel bar in the shower nor hooks on the wall to actually hang up your towels, so they all had to go on the floor. There was nowhere else to put them.

3. I wear glasses and most of the time, I wear eye make up.  It has long been a pet peeve of mine to have a make up mirror in the bathroom. It does not have to be magnified or have lights, just a mirror that is close enough so I can see what I am doing without my glasses.  It is too hard to do this with a standard wall mirror when you have to lean across a 24″ counter.  So, this hotel did not have a make up mirror.  I was disappointed but I figured, I could use the full length mirror in the hallway as you first come into the room.  There was a light switch right as you come in the room so I flicked this switch thinking I’d get a nice light directly above the mirror and put on my make up. No such luck.  There was no light.  We could not figure out what the switch was for; we tried and tried but it did not control any lights in the room.  So there I was in front of a mirror, nice and close but with the bathroom door closed (my room-mate was in there) I stood in the dark and could not do anything.

4. My biggest issue has to do with security.  As a woman traveller, and a hotel employee, I know all about proper security measures so that the guests are safe.  I was expecting a fax at the hotel to support a discounted rate I received.  When we returned to the hotel on the first night from dinner, I stopped by the front desk to see if the fax had arrived.  The agent went into their back office to check the fax machine. She stood at the doorway to the back office, about 6′-8′ from the actual front desk counter and called over to me “what’s your room number honey?” so she could write it on the fax to attach to my room folio.  I should mention that there were serveral other people at the desk checking in at this time. I replied to her that if she brought the fax over to the counter, I would be happy to write it down for her.  Never, ever should this happen.  When a guest checks in, male or female, the front desk agent should never say the room number out loud.  I was astonished that this happened.

All in all, I have to say, the stay was just okay. However, I highly doubt I will return to that particular hotel again in the future.   I checked out five days ago and have yet to receive an e-mail asking me to complete a survey for them.  If they do send me one, I will be sure to reply with the link to this blog.  So you tell me, am I a hotel snob? I don’t think so……

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