• Lauralee Shapiro

Do You Think Outside The Box?

I was recently driving in a community here in central Florida when I saw this site and just had to stop and take a picture.

What we have here are two beautiful Siberian Huskie’s, tethered to a three-wheeled bike.  As you know, Huskies by nature are working dogs who pull their sleds for long distances.  Since there is not a need for a sled and even less snow in central Florida, their owner decided to think outside the box and have them pull a bike instead.  Brilliant!

The dogs are still exercising their bodies and their minds, doing what their “purpose in life” is but in a non-traditional way.  What tasks or learning processes do you do in your daily life that are done in a non-traditional way?  Do you think outside the box when planning your educational sessions and booking your key note speakers?  Think about it and the next time you have such a task at hand, remember this photo of two Huskies pulling a bike on a warm Florida morning.

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