• Lauralee Shapiro

Do You SMMP?

SMMP is the latest buzz word for the meetings industry, kind of like Web 2.0 is for tech people.  It stands for Strategic Meeting Management Program.  I have heard a great deal about it but have yet to have any of my customers take full advantage of it and experience the full benefits it can offer.  In the simplest of terms, what it does is allow the right hand to know what the left hand is doing.   

Case in point…this week, I have been working on a new meeting for a customer of mine.  In this particular company, there are many different departments and many people responsible for meetings in each of those departments.  As it turns out, one of the hotels I sent the request to called me to ask if it was the same person who already has a meeting contracted at their hotel for a different set of dates. It is not.  This new meeting may not end up at the same hotel but if the two departments talked to each other or had all the meeting requests going through a central clearing house so to speak, their buying power would just have doubled. 

An SMMP is also helpful when a conference is not meeting their contracted room block.  If the company is using an SMMP, the shortfall could very well be picked up another meeting from within that same company and thereby save the original meeting any attrition fees they may incur.

The SMMP model has been fully embraced by some of the larger corporations but smaller companies either have not heard of it, don’t think they need it or think it will cost them money to implement one.  Well, now you have heard of it, I can tell you that they need it if they hold multiple meetings and there are multiple people booking them and it will save them money in the long run.

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