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Be The Leader You Would Like To Have

This was originally written for the Greater Orlando Area Meeting Professionals International (GOAMPI) chapter, reviewing the November 2011 monthly education event.

On Thursday November 17, the Greater Orlando Area MPI chapter welcomed Mary J. Monusky, CEO of Premier Lifestyles, Inc.  She spent the better part of the hour presenting and discussing the findings of a study conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership.  The study was a survey of over 1,100 CEO over a 7 year span; in 2003, 2007 and 2010.  The results were both surprising and inspiring.

One point that the majority of the CEO’s agreed on is that the global business environment is complex and requires change.  To be relevant, you need to restructure, implement process improvements across the board and continually educate and better yourself. One key factor in all of this was with regards to talent.

Talent is #1 – the process of acquisition, development and retention (this is why you need to continually educate yourself).  Ms. Monusky talked about a new trend in talent acquisition that companies like Google and Groupon are using called “Bottoms Up Recruiting”.  Rather than focusing on the top of a resume –  the educational background, designation etc., they are focusing on the bottom of the resume to see what your interests are; what you do outside of work and if you are good fit for the culture of that particular organization.  A PhD is not as relevant or important as the fact that maybe you are a regional champion for BMX racing.  They are looking for the “wow factor” of the person, not so much the education and experience.

Three skills that stood out as being critical to these CEO’s were collaboration, negotiation and horizontal management.  You need to be able to collaborate with others; this was a key skill set.  Your negotiation skills with regards to how you influence management above you but also how you influence those you don’t manage, the horizontal management skills.

Ms. Monusky talked about top trends to watch for in the near future. 66% of the CEO’s in the survey felt that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is 2nd only to market share.  More and more companies are making CSR a major part of their overall strategies; giving back to the community and / or the environment. Secondly, Mergers & Acquisitions are going to be key moving forward.  You need to know what is coming next so you are not surprised.  Is the hotel next to you about to be sold or go into foreclosure? This is critical information and you need to know it before it happens.  Lastly, she discussed the rise in ethical concerns. One only needs to watch the headlines to see examples of ethics gone bad in today’s global business community.

As mentioned earlier, she explained how important it will be to continually educate yourself.  Mary pointed out three key areas to focus on to become a great, global business leader.

  1. EI – Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, assess, communicate and manage emotions.

  2. TBL – Triple Bottom Line is a new trend in accounting.  Based on Profits, People and the Planet, this is a new way for CFO’s to report on a company. It is important to note that “Planet” does not only refer to saving the planet I.e. recycling but also how the company is reducing their footprint that is being left on the planet.

  3. HBR – Harvard Business Review case studies are excellent reading

Some great resources she left us with included:

www.ccl.org www.hbr.org www.greenbiz.com www.selfgrowth.com www.wisebusiness.com  and www.bloomberg.com/the-mentor

Last piece of advice was this, “everything new is happening now!”.  Don’t get left behind.

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